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Another Hate Crime and Another Ecuadorian Victim

It’s been less than three weeks since a group of white teenagers were charged with killing an Ecuadorian immigrant on Long Island and now another Ecuadorian immigrant is in critical condition after being beaten by four Black men in Brooklyn.

What’s going on???

Police say that the four attackers may have mistaken him and his brother for being gay men because the attackers used an anti-gay slur and later were yelling anti-Hispanic slurs. First they beat the man with a bottle and then started hitting him with a bat while the other guys kicked him.

Get this, another brother of the victims, who wasn’t involved in the assault and has lived in the U.S. for seven years, said that despite the violence, his family still believes in America and the American dream.

How would you feel if this happened to your sibling? Difficult question to grasp, but I’m amazed at the guy’s response. Have you noticed an increase in hate crimes in your area (Check out our November 3 podcast)? If you witnessed a similar crime happening, what would you do?

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    • Daniel

      This is SAD. I can’t believe there are still people in this world that think they’re batter than others; especially when the “others” are from a different race or simply share a different opinion. Get real people!!! We are all different and that difference is what makes this world move. It’s the difference in opinions, characters, colors, races and lifestyles what makes the world more interesting and instead of trying to “protect” our “believes” or “countries” by beating the others up, we should be embracing those differences and learn from them.

    • Marc

      Where does all this hate come from? I hope one day that people will see how wasteful hate is. I hope that those who have hate in their heart will someday see the error of their ways.

    • people you dont know what people kill others, they may have done something to the attackers resulting in the attacks. so dont always blame it on others.