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Hispanic Affairs Department for New Mexico???

Hispanic Affairs Department for New Mexico???
New Mexico

So, the New Mexico state senate approved legislation late last week that would approve a cabinet-level Hispanic Affairs Department, according to the Associated Press. The dept. would focus on issues of concern to the Hispanic community including reducing poverty and improving education, according to the article.

Since New Mexico is 110% Hispanic why wouldn’t the state government already be addressing these concerns through the Legislature and other elected officials? Well, it turns out that Hispanics account for only two-fifths of New Mexico’s population, not 110%, but still, is a department needed?

Here’s another point of view about the situation from Jim Scarantino, a former ACLU-New Mexico lawyer.

Dos Lives is open to discussion and would love to hear from our New Mexico readers to let us know what you think about this proposed legislation. Have other states passed similar legislation?

E-mail or post your comments and we may share them on this week’s podcast with Jon and Mariana!

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