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Immigration Debate Continues in the Beehive State

Immigration Debate Continues in the Beehive State

This week, Daniel Carrillo updates us from Utah regarding the latest on immigration legislation. Watch for Daniel’s take on local, national, and world events every Thursday, only on Dos Lives.

Wednesday was a good day for Utah legislation. One of the bills targeting the undocumented was defeated.

Wednesday afternoon, the bill HB 208 aimed to prohibit undocumented college students from working while attending school died in the House. This is again a big win for the undocumented community in Utah; every year, a similar bill is proposed in the House or senate of Utah. In previous years, different versions of this bill have been presented such as denying in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, or to children whose parents are illegal.

I’m glad bills like these don’t move forward in the legislation of Utah. I’m glad most law makers do believe in compassion and one of the most important principals of this nation, the right to an EQUAL EDUCATION.

Unfortunately, the battle is not over yet. The undocumented population of Utah still faces great fears in the upcoming months. What’s been called the worst anti-immigration law has yet to be enforced at the beginning of July.

SB 81, approved last year has many provisions that would make it practically impossible for undocumented immigrants to reside in the beehive state. Some of the most important provisions within this bill are that it gives local law enforcement agencies the authority to arrest illegal immigrants and fine employers, landlords and drivers (legal or illegal) for hiring, renting or giving a ride to undocumented people. Isn’t that ridiculous?!?!?!

Efforts to repeal or delay the implementation of this bill in this year Utah legislations were in vain. SB 81 will become a law in July.

So far there are a few hopes to eliminate this bill; a veto on the federal level, a national immigration reform and a Utah bill, HB 107, which seeks to study the economic impact of illegal immigrants in the state and that so far has been moving forward in the legislation.

I guess the only thing we as individuals can do for now is to contact our legislators, let them know that we don’t support any kind or version of these type of laws. At the end, it’s us who make the difference!!!

-Daniel Carrillo

Watch for Daniel’s take on local, national, and world events every Thursday, only on Dos Lives. Shoot him an e-mail at

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      I am scared to know about this law which would be effective by July 1st.All latinos we just want to have the opportunity to work and love this place in peace.Latinos are hard worked people and sometimes we have to get trough hard times finding a job, health care.And descrimination.We are smart and honest. We care about each other.Give us the opportunity to demostrate tat who we really are!!!

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