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Mexican Mama

Mexican Mama

Lilia, originally from Mexico and now living in L.A., writes “Mexican Mama” every week on Dos Lives. E-mail her at

I guess I could be considered short and somewhat plump (but we will blame my seven month pregnancy for that). My father would add that I have a pleasant face and that I am wise beyond my years, although you can never trust a parent’s point of view.

I’ve lived in this country for over eight years and even thought I enjoy the commodities of the American life, I will always miss my own country. A friend once told me: “When you leave your country you never quite fit anywhere. It’s not that you don’t belong; you have simply change and now you have become a citizen of the world.”

I was old enough to remember what was like to live in Mexico, but young enough to adapt to life in the United States. I went to a university in Utah, and almost 3 years ago I decided I had enough of the snow and moved to California, Los Angeles to be specific. I met someone, who would become my husband, and now, WE ARE EXPECTING OUR FIST BABY!! Looking back I can’t say that I expected all of this, but God has a better plan for you if you allow him to guide you.

Some mornings I wake up to discover my life has changed forever!! As if it was the first day, I am amazed to find a man in my bed. Then I remember, I am married, and he is my husband. Oh by the way, you have gained some weight, no, no; you’re just seven months pregnant. Of course, this all happens in two seconds, and then I turn around and give my husband a hug, realizing that my life HAS changed!

Before all this, life was simpler and my only worry was me. It was me and my family (which is a drama of its own), me at school, me with friends, and me and whenever I wanted to eat. I must admit, I loved this stage of my life. I always wanted a family of my own, kids and a husband, but it is a huge change and it takes adjusting.

I know I am not the only one, there are so many new mothers to be and newlyweds. I know our experiences might be different, but for most of us it is a change of a life time. I am anxious to hear from your experiences. What were your challenges? How can we learn from each other? What have you learned in the process?
“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lilia, originally from Mexico and now living in L.A., writes “Mexican Mama” every week on Dos Lives. E-mail her at

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