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The Dos Lives’ Social Service Worker will take your Questions!

The Dos Lives’ Social Service Worker will take your Questions!
Mariela Enjoying the Outdoors

Mariela, la Chilena, is a Social Service Worker (SSW), who works with a variety of people helping them to make right decisions and maintain psychiatric stability while connecting them to important organizations and services that can help them improve their lives.
Each week Mariela will answer questions from Dos Lives readers about any subject, so don’t be shy. She understands some of the issues exclusive to Latinos and Latinas and is here to help. E-mail her your questions at Don’t worry, your e-mail won’t be published.

So, here’s Mariela’s first post:

On a rainy day, I went running in a park. There were a lot of snails on the pavement and runners were stepping on them carelessly. The snails had escaped from the lawn because of the rain. And after the rain stopped, they were trying to return to the lawn. A 5-year old boy, was carefully moving the snails back to the lawn. When I asked the boy what he was doing, he replied “I don’t want the snails to be smashed. Maybe these snails have children waiting for them at home. I’m just giving them a ride”.

That child not only saved many baby snails from becoming orphans but he also increased the serotonin level of many park visitors who witnessed this act of kindness.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter known to modulate mood, sleep, and appetite. Decreased levels of serotonin have been linked to depression. Prescription drugs can increase serotonin levels in the brain.

Research results have shown that giving and receiving an act of kindness also increases serotoninergic transmision. However, the good new doesn’t stop there, anyone who witnesses or hears the act of kindness later benefits from its therapeutic effect.

Be kind, compliment others, be positve, be nice to animals, be nice to strangers and look for beauty around you!

Remember, e-mail me your questions at and watch for my advice every Wednesday, only on

- Mariela

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    • Angela

      Hey Mariela,

      Gracias por el link a esta blog! Estaba leyendo y esta super interesante. Deberia estar mejor informada pero con las cosas de la casa, casi nunca me siento a ver noticias. Asi que voy a estar leyendo a menudo y te hare cualquier pregunta =)

      Un abrazo!

    • Say, you got a nice article.Thanks Again. Really Great.

    • Hey, thanks for the article.Thanks Again.