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Today I am going to Live to the Max!/¡Hoy voy a vivir al Maximo!

Today, Carlos Gonzalez, originally from the Dominican Republic, launches his weekly post “Nuevo Look, Renewed Vida” each Tuesday on Dos Lives. This post was originally written in Spanish and translated into English. Click below to read the Spanish version.

Have you ever taken five minutes to think about the present, this time you are living right now? Most likely not. We are always preoccupied with the future or the past. These thoughts fill our minds with obstacles that prevent us from living the present to the max. After all, the present is the only thing we can control.

If there is a solution to the problem at hand; then, there’s no need to be overwhelmed. On the other hand, if there is no solution, why bother?

Hold on! You should tell yourself Stop! Today I am a new person. Today I am going to learn something new. Today is a good day to sow the seed of your true self. Today I am going to live to the max!

Now, close your eyes, take five minutes, and tell me what you think.

- Carlos Gonzalez

¡Hoy voy a vivir al maximo!

Alguna vez has tomado 5 minutos para pensar en el ahora? verdad que no? Es siempre el futuro o que he hecho en el ayer, lo que llena nuestros pensamientos de obstaculos y no te deja vivir de lleno el presente que en realidad es lo unico que puedes controlar.

Si existe un problema y tiene solucion por que agobiarse y si no la tiene por que molestarse tambien.

Espera Stop! debes decirte a ti mismo Hoy soy una nueva persona, Hoy voy a aprender, Hoy es un buen dia para sembrar la semilla de tu verdadero yo, Hoy voi a vivir al maximo!

Ok cierra tus ojos, tomate tus 5 minutos y dime que piensas.

- Carlos Gonzalez

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