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Are Troops necessary along the Texas-Mexico Border?

Are Troops necessary along the Texas-Mexico Border?

The Wall Street Journal published an article on this topic today and it showed that government leaders are divided on the topic. Texas Gov. Rick Perry asked for federal troops to protect American communities from the drug wars in Mexico.

Many border officials welcome the promise of additional federal resources. But some are pushing back against a possible military deployment, saying federal troops would inflame tensions and spread fear. They say the border has been unfairly depicted as a scary, lawless place, according to the article.

El Paso, which sits directly across the Rio Grande from the violent Ciudad Juarez in Mexico, consistently ranks among the top three safest U.S. cities of its size, according to Federal Bureau of Investigation crime statistics. “That side of the story is not getting out,” Mayor John Cook said in the article.

Mmm…I don’t live along the border, but it’s definitely true that the story of a safe border is not getting out. Crime stats may tell one story, but how do people actually feel who live along the border?

What do you think? Let us know. Also, next week Dos Lives’ contributor Daniel Carrillo, originally from Mexico, will tell us what life is like on our other border, the U.S.-Canada border as he writes about his experience visiting Canada.

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