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Do you remember the last time someone called a Spanish-Speaking Customer Rep?

Do you remember the last time someone called a Spanish-Speaking Customer Rep?

We tweeted about this study earlier this week and it was featured on about how many major U.S. companies are ready to take customer calls in Spanish, but only a small fraction of the 35 million Latinos here in the U.S. actually call.

Do you prefer to call the English or Spanish call centers? Does it depend on the product? Last year, Home Depot launched a site where you could shop and check-out in Spanish (Dos Lives Podcast, November 19th, 2008) and their studies found that when it came to home repairs, Hispanics preferred to shop in their own language. Both Home Depot and Proctor and Gamble (the guys who make everything from toilet paper and batteries to shampoo) go the extra mile in terms of customer service for their Latino customers.

An informal poll of Dos Lives gente found that our experience with Spanish language customer reps was generally positive and the reps were able to assist and answer questions in Spanish comparable to English-language call takers. I looked for two everyday items – a carton of orange juice and a Pepsi and was surprised to see the Pepsi can only had one 1-800 number and when I called there was not an option to speak to someone in Spanish. I spoke with a customer service rep who told me that there are two bilingual customer service reps available, one who speaks French and one who speaks Spanish and they also have interpreters available to call, if needed. Pepsi must have realized Latinos weren’t calling.

So if there’s so many Spanish speaking people…why aren’t they calling? I’m sure they have the same problems as the rest of us have with the products we buy. Go ahead and read the full article. What has your experience been with Spanish speaking customer reps? Does it match up with this study?

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