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Healthcare Coverage for Everyone?

Healthcare Coverage for Everyone?

| On 11, Mar 2009

This is the scenario: A tourist in the U.S. sprains his ankle and tries to go to an urgent care unit to get it checked. He wants to know if the ankle is good enough for him to keep staying in America or if it’s bad enough to change his flight, go back to his country and get it fixed there.

You would think the ER or Urgent Care units in Hospitals would take him and help out; WRONG!!!

He went to a community health clinic, the ones that are supposed to help the poor and uninsured but they didn’t take him. Why? The only reason given was that it was a community clinic and they don’t have a system to help tourists. They gave him though a list of other private urgent care clinics where he could go and probably get the ankle checked.

They did take him and even offered to give a 50% discount if he paid full up front. He did it but still paid about $300 or more to have his ankle checked!

Last week, President Obama hosted the Health Care Reform Summit in the White House where he, other health care officials and guests discussed, among other things, setting aside “$634 billion in a health-care reserve fund over the next 10 years to move the country closer to the Universal Health Care Reform”. They also talked about the high costs of public care and how to reduce it.

A reform like that sounds pretty promising doesn’t it? And not only for the tourists that sprain their ankles but imagine what that would do for the millions of Americans who live in poverty, are unemployed, uninsured and suffer not only from a semi broken foot but from something way much worse like cancer or herpes.

The visitor I’m talking about in this article could easily (well depending on the change of fare fee) go back to his country and get checked there, after all, his country, like many other countries around the world, does have a Health Care system that allows him to be examined and helped.

Why doesn’t America, the strongest and most powerful nation in the world, care enough about this issue? Is it too late to start looking at it? Or does analyzing this problem come at the right time?

We all hope President Obama can change this. It will not only benefit human life but the stability of a great nation that right now struggles economically.

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    Daniel is our Mexico City-based editor and Dos Lives contributor. Contact him at Daniel[at]doslives[dot].com.