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How do Thoughts, Music and even Language Impact you??

How do Thoughts, Music and even Language Impact you??

Did you know water responds to words such as love, hate, and even music?

Masaru Emoto, a water researcher from Japan, made the most revolutionary discovery about water.  He wondered if water just like snowflakes, would make ice crystals.  He attached positive and negative words such as “I love you”, “gratitude”, “peace”,  “I hate you”, “I’ll kill you” to the outside of water containers.  He froze the water for three hours and photographed the crystals under a microscope.  He found the most beautiful crystals were formed using the positive words.  On the other hand, the water exposed to negative words created deformed crystals.

Here are some examples, courtesy of

His most revolutionary discovery was done when water was exposed to music.  Water exposed to classical music formed beautiful crystals, but water exposed to heavy metal created ugly and deformed crystals.  Does this discovery have any significant influence in our daily life?  Since our bodies are almost 75% water,  would words, thoughts, and music we are exposed to have an impact on beauty, health, and general wellbeing? Words, music, and thoughts have vibrational frequencies and water retains memory of substances.

Find out more information from  Emoto’s book “The Hidden Messages of Water” or visit his website …and don’t forget to say positive things to people around you!

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