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Know someone who keeps their Dinero under the Mattress?

Know someone who keeps their Dinero under the Mattress?

We usually have the Today Show going on one of our TVs and Despierta America on the other. I can hear what’s making headlines on both channels and usually go back and forth between the two while getting ready for work. This morning, while ironing my shirt, I listened to an interview on Despierta America with a spokesman from the FDIC explaining how the FDIC keeps your money safe. I learned that the FDIC has a site for the Spanish-speaking community ( which features links to their public service awareness campaigns (one video is featured below) and other useful information.

If your parents or grandparents or other family members need information in Spanish, this is a great site to share. Only two of the 32 videos on the FDIC’s YouTube Channel is in Spanish, but it’s a start and it’s not too cheesy either.

As I was writing this post, my friend Sue told me about a 60 minutes segment: Your Bank Has Failed: What Happens Next? She said it was really interesting and talks about what happens when the government takes over your bank.

If you do want to see a cheesy video (nothing to do with Latino culture), this morning Meredith on the Today Show interviewed these guys who raised a Lion name Christian in the 70′s or 80′s. They’ve been on the show before, but I hadn’t seen them. Warning: cool story, but cheesy video and music.

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