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Mex Mama: Ready for the Baby!

Mex Mama: Ready for the Baby!

One more week and I am still here. To tell you the truth, I almost wish it was time. I am not looking forward to the pain of going into labor, but I am definitelly at the point of impatience. I want to see my BABY!! And also get rid off swollen feet and unconfortable nights (it’s not easy to sleep with the extra weight). On the other hand, I am told the baby will be crying and waking up during the night at least for a couple of months. So, I guess I should say ADIOS to peaceful and comfortable nights for now on.

However, labor might not be too bad. Yesterday I was at my doctor´s appointment and during my check I had a contraction (or at least that is what the doctor said), but to tell you the truth I didn’t feel anything. I hope that is a good sign!! I guess I will let you know next week if the baby comes when he is supposed to.

Oh! I want to thank those that emailed me or left me comments. I was so HAPPY to hear from good old friends. Hopefully those emails and comments will keep coming, and just so you know, I washed all the baby cloths and they are ready to go!


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