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Mex Mama: Memories of “La Carriola” and Baby Updates! Just a few weeks to go!

Mex Mama: Memories of “La Carriola” and Baby Updates! Just a few weeks to go!

Lilia, originally from Mexico and now living in L.A., writes “Mexican Mama” every week on Dos Lives. E-mail her at

It has been a rough couple of weeks: doctor’s appointments every 6 days, crazy baby showers, last minute shopping, painting the baby’s nursery (it is a BOY!! just in case you were wondering); putting cribs, car sits, and strollers together (ok my husband did most of these, but it is still exhausting to watch). All of this, and of course after work, because in these times of economic downturn you need to go to work until your water breaks!

I can’t stop wondering how my parents did it. I really don’t think they complicated their lives with so many of these details. In Mexico, back in the day, I was lucky to have a stroller. Oh! “La Carriola”, the memories!! But that is a story I will share later.

Any way for those that where wondering I am almost there, our baby boy should be born by the end of March and we are SUPER exited and also a little SCARED!! I will be back next week if I am not in the hospital.

Oh, before I go, can anyone tell me if it is necessary to wash the baby clothes with a special detergent or is regular detergent fine? Please leave me a comment and let me know.

Lilia -

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      Idiay pue lili!! como no sabès eso jaja nel la neta yo no se, pero dicen q se debe lavar antes de ponersela,y cuando se lava se lava en la maañana, y antes de las 6pm debes haberla secado, osea no la dejes afuera secando despues de las 6 porq se le impregna el sereno bla bla bla no se que mas me dijo mi abue.- tambien no olvides su ambar para el mal de ojo y su rameada con huevo pa alejar las malas vibras!! jajaj!! saludos lili-abue!! luego queremos ver fotos de todo el evento, de tu familia etc!!