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Mexican Cabbies Offer “Narco-Tours” for $15

Mexican Cabbies Offer “Narco-Tours” for $15

If the continuing drug violence doesn’t scare you away, than you’d love this this. For $15 an hour, you can skip visiting the pyramids, or the resorts and even the sights of Mexico City and take a “Narco-Tour” to see where some of Mexico’s largest drug traffickers have lived and may still be living.

“Mexicans are fed up with their country’s unprecedented level of bloodshed as rival drug cartels clash with the authorities and among themselves. But the outrage is tinged by a fascination with the colorful lives of the outlaws,” according to a New York Times article today that explored the subject.

“Tourism officials don’t want to promote the narco-culture,” said Silvestre Flores, a Sinaloa academic who has written about Mazatlán’s drug tours. “They see it as something that damages the image of the place,” stated the article.

Well, isn’t the image from within and outside of Mexico for most of these places already pretty broken, so what’s so bad about making a little money?  If you do decide to take a Narco-Tour remember that the U.S. State department has issued travel advisories warning U.S. citizens of increasing violence in Mexico.

Have you taken a Narco-Tour or would you want to?  If so, let us know and you could be featured in an upcoming podcast.

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