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We know Latinos hit hard by recesssion; Latinas Hit Harder says New Study

We know Latinos hit hard by recesssion; Latinas Hit Harder says New Study

We’ve followed this on the Weekly Dos Lives podcast and another new study released about American’s mental health in 2008 found that there were few racial differences, but Hispanics, the nation’s largest and fastest growing minority as we know, had the worst emotional health all year long.

The particularly poor emotional health of Hispanics may be caused by cultural qualities as well as their economic roles, according to experts quoted in a USA Today article.

Here’s a brief part of the article:

Although women overall have higher depression rates than men, Hispanic women have the highest rates of all women, says Caroline Clauss-Ehlers of Rutgers University, a bilingual psychologist who counsels many Hispanic families in New York. Latinos take great pride in caring well for their families, “and if you’re the mother, and the family isn’t doing well, a lot of the women feel they’re to blame,” she says.

Hispanic men and women feel shame if they can’t take good care of their families – a hard act when the economy is nose-diving. This shame can prompt people to isolate themselves, keeping anguish private so they don’t get the support they need, Clauss-Ehlers says.

Many Hispanic adults send money home regularly to even-poorer family members in other countries, she adds, so the recession has amplified pressure.

You can check out the complete article for more info.

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