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Is everyone welcome in Utah? SB 81 starts July 1st

<!--:en-->Is everyone welcome in Utah? SB 81 starts July 1st<!--:-->

utahIt’s sad to see how a state that once seemed very welcoming and kind could turn to become a place where people are just afraid to live or even visit. That’s what I’m afraid could happen with the great state of Utah.

Starting July 1st, a new immigration law will come into effect; SB 81 passed last year during the 2008 Utah State Legislation and among other factors, it will deny government funded programs to illegal immigrants such as health care.

Isn’t this too bad? And I do mean TERRIBLE! They’re people that law makers are rejecting here; babies, children, expecting mothers, physically challenged, hard workers, etc. The health system is expensive as it is in America and for immigrants, who usually fall into the low/middle class, will be even harder to get. I guess the hate towards the undocumented has gotten to the point where the government, at least as it seems in Utah, just wants them to die. Harsh words I know, but what else can I feel?

Hopefully President Obama can start the discussions over an immigration reform and also follow up on the health summit he hosted in the White house a few weeks ago. He needs to stop laws like this one in Utah that just damage and segregates people!

- Daniel

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    Daniel is our Mexico City-based editor and Dos Lives contributor. Contact him at Daniel[at]doslives[dot].com.
    • Sara

      It is right though. They are not paying taxes for this health care like legal citizens are so why in the hell should they receive it? They should not. it is not that hard to become a citizen. This should be followed in all states. I hope President Obama helps it along.