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Be Tranquilo with these great tips from Mariela!

Be Tranquilo with these great tips from Mariela!

There are so many things to get stressed out over or upset. Dos Lives’ social service worker and weekly contributor Mariela is keeping all of us sane with these great tips on what to do when you feel overwhelmed.

What do you do when life overwhelms you?

Here are some tips to handle stressful situations.

-Find a quite place away from others. Enjoy the silence and find peace

-Take a bath

-Write on your blog or journal to get stuff off your chest

-Talk to someone who is empathetic

-Go for a walk or go to the gym

-Try meditation and relaxation. There are tons of free meditation exercises to download from the internet.

-Go to the beach or a lake, and just sit there, think, watch the birds and relax.

-Try to remember your favorite mantra, breath in and out slowly

-Laughing truly works! Find something funny, a movie, a video on YouTube, whatever that makes you laugh!

-Pray for wisdom, peace and understanding

-Let yourself cry

-Sleep, take a nap

-Take a ride to the beach or mountains with music you enjoy

-Play an instrument

We all have unique techniques to handle stressful situations. What’s yours? Share it with us!

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