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Crossing the Canadian Frontera

Crossing the Canadian Frontera

So last week I crossed the border and yes, I did it legally! I went to Vancouver, Canada for a visit; Great friendly and gorgeous city.

Crossing the borders gave me an idea to write a post about it. I’ve always heard how it’s so much easier to cross by land than by plane so I decided to pay close attention to see how things are done at the border.

Well I must say that it is indeed easier to cross the border by car. Maybe it was because the immigration officers were more rushed by all the automobiles waiting or maybe just because they don’t seem to have as many “issues” as they do on the Mexico-USA line (you know, drugs, smuggling, violence, etc.).

Both borders did what they had to do; interrogate me.

The Canadian official asked me more questions than the American officer but his attitude was nicer. In the end both countries let me in without any hesitation after a 3-minute-tops friendly interview.

Overall I thought crossing the border by land was faster, easier, not so many documents involved and of course less stressing. Now my next experience will have to be crossing the Mexican border. Maybe it’ll be as easy or it’ll be just hell unleashed.

So, is there really a difference between the north and south borders? Is immigration more laid back when it comes to going and coming from Canada, but not to and from Mexico? Does NAFTA have anything to do with it at all?


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    Daniel is our Mexico City-based editor and Dos Lives contributor. Contact him at Daniel[at]doslives[dot].com.