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Is the BK Ad really a ‘whopper’ of an Insult for Mexicans?

<!--:en-->Is the BK Ad really a ‘whopper’ of an Insult for Mexicans? <!--:-->

You’ve probably heard about the Burger King “controversy” with their ad in Spain and the UK featuring the small Mexican wrestler wearing a Mexican flag as a cape and a tall American Cowboy. It looks like it’s stereotypical for both sides of the border in this commercial, but really, what’s all the uproar about? It’s a funny commercial…nothing more. Take a look at it yourself below and let us know what you think.

While you’re watching videos, remember the Paulina Rubio controversy when she wore the Mexican flag? We’ve got some video highlights from that one as well below.

For all the background, you can read the Associated Press article.

Texican Whopper Commercial:

Remember when Mexico got upset with Paulina Rubio? Video below:

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    • Marc

      I think the flag is going a little far. Not a fan of the Stereotyping either. I don’t think it would have been hard to make a better ad for this burger. Makes you wonder if they do these things on purpose to get attention.

    • Luke

      I like it… But that is just me.

    • They couldn’t chosen a better representation of Mexican culture. I mean come on, a midget wrestler?

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