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The Dos Lives Weekly Podcast: K Pasa with the BK Ad?

<!--:en-->The Dos Lives Weekly Podcast: K Pasa with the BK Ad?<!--:-->

This week: Did the BK Texican Whopper commercial cross the line or did Mexican authorities overreact?

Matt Reyes (@mattreyes), founder of and Daniel Carrillo (@dancarper), Dos Lives contributor and Mexico City native join the discussion for this week’s podcast. What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, check out this post which explains the situation.

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    Jon Byington manages the editorial and business operations for Jon is also on Google +
    • SenorSass

      I personally, don’t see what the big deal is.
      Firstly…its kinda funny and cute, secondly…i totally want to eat that sandwhich. So from a professional standpoint…awesome ad!

      We could hail this commercial as two countries coming together over food, coexisting under 1HOUSE, in 1ROOM… helping each other.
      Two seriously stereotypical charicatures of two fueding states.
      But, instead we have problems and drama.

      I will say, that this has been one of the most OBJECTIVE conversations you guys have ever had.

      You guys, mostly, made valid points…particularly when discussing another direction BK could have gone in regards to the “spice” aspect. Because no matter what there was going to a problem. If it was some hot mexican woman we’d be objectifying hot mexicans everywhere…and lets not even talk about hot women. What if they used hot white girl? Wait…nooooo that would be wrong… cuz then it would not be a mexican woman. (does anyone remember when the Native American tribes threw a fit cuz white people were play’n all the indians in all the westerns. So they won that battle…But wait, then they complained that they were playing indians and that was bad!)

      Then the bullshit factor hits a high. Esp in regards to the “Texas” vs “America”.
      ANYTIME someone says Tex-Mex…we should punch them in the stomach.
      or…blow up a Cheveys.
      Wait…better yet…any MEXICAN resturant. Because if that point stands then it should a resturant labled from the area of Mexico it’s from…cuz food can’t be labled from a country…wait…ethiopian food, hatian food, german food, spanish food, ITALIAN…

      or maybe thats just how it works.

      Soul Food and Sprite = Black
      What…white people aint got no soul or like sprite

      Spicey Food = Asian or Mexican
      See…you like that … i don’t even recognize the rest of central or south america.

      Bland Food, Sausage and Beer = European
      Cuz thats all they eat!

      Austrailians don’t actually eat anything

      Eat it with your hands = African food
      Yep…all food in africa is eaten with your hands…fuck a fork!

      lets not go there. Please. Chill and laugh at it.
      or maybe we should talk about DosLives Banner.
      It seems Hispanics don’t live lives or have jobs where they dress in anything except ‘hood gear’ they got at DTLR! (i’ve had a problem with it since i first saw it! …thank you … I WEAR A TIE TO WORK!)

    • Laura Vanessa

      Good podcast, the commercial has strong stereotypes involved, it is not the first time BK does a commercial like that…as a Mexican I think is funny because we have the ability to make fun of ourselves, however, I believe it doesn´t really help the image of Mexico….this is just and example indicating that Mexico as a brand needs to re-brand itself or other countries with a better brand will win the investment and better human talent. What is the mexican government waiting for to re-brand Mexico?

    • Kendra B.

      I loved the Podcast. It was nice to hear a discussion around the commercial with different viewpoints from people of varying backgrounds. Thanks for taking time to discuss this topic.