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Home Depot says “Adios” to its Online Amigos

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homedepotclosing11If the Swine flu wasn’t bad enough for Mexicans in the U.S., they’ll not longer be able to order all of their home improvement supplies online! Well, I don’t think they’ll notice as Home Depot says they weren’t shopping anyway.

“They were not customers or even potential customers, because we did not have stores there and we don’t ship out of the country,” said Home Depot spokesman Ron Defeo,in a Wall Street Journal article this week.

The Website, doesn’t even have a page to let Latinos know it shut down or to redirect them to the English site. It’s just an error message. If you’re on the English site, you get the same message if you search “espanol” or “spanish.” Home depot jumped in, stayed four months, and left without a trace! How did they tell Latinos about the site? Not very well.

HD says they’re of course still committed to serving Hispanics. How? More bilingual signs in its stores and hiring more bilingual sales associates. The last time I was in Home Depot, I felt like I was in Mexico…every sign is bilingual…what signs could they be talking about?

Maybe it was a bad idea to launch the site in the middle of a recession where Hispanics have been hit the hardest??? How long would you wait before shutting it down?

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