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Mickey Mouse’s Vecinos son Latinos

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donald-duckI lived in the Southern California area for two years, between 2001 and 2003; specifically in Orange County, home of the City of Anaheim where the “Latino population has more than tripled since 1980” according to an article in Los Angeles Times.

I couldn’t agree more with the article; when I lived there I met lots of Hispanic people I found them anywhere; it didn’t even matter if I was in the China-town-looking part of the area. Stores, street markets, parks, restaurants, etc. were full of them and I must admit, I was proud to be among them.

To see them grow and prosper in an area that still, in my most honest opinion, seems to be a bit hesitant, even hostile, to accept them was very pleasing. Hispanic people have always been the hard-working type, the humble ones; in other words, the more “luchones” in whatever goal the set their minds to.

I was also glad to read that not only they’re making it in the community but they’re making it with style; buying big houses, living in the nicest areas, mingling with other races and cultures. When I was in Anaheim, I remember visiting the hills, see the houses and think: “Wow!!! It would be nice to live here”. Well I’m glad people from my community are doing exactly that already. Of course it wouldn’t hurt if we’d start taking over Newport Beach, too (just a thought)!

Our next goal, or at least the goal of Hispanics in Anaheim, should get Latinos into the government. We could still use some more help. Hispanics and immigrants in general could do wonders for the city, for the county, for the state and in the end for the country. We need good representation to improve not only tolerance but also, the quality of our life.

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    Daniel is our Mexico City-based editor and Dos Lives contributor. Contact him at Daniel[at]doslives[dot].com.