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Racial Tensions Rise as White Teens Escape Murder Conviction

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Three White teens who killed Ramirez

It’s been ten days since the all white jury acquitted two white teenagers of the most serious charge in the beating death of Luís Ramírez, a Mexican immigrant. Racial tensions have increased and this New York Times article takes a look. I pulled one quote from the article that just shows the stupidity, ignorance, or just plain hate of some people:

“When people get in fights, they say whatever comes to mind, but I don’t think that makes it a hate crime,” said Daniel Adacavage, who is white and the manager of the Chuplis Apartments, not far from where the beating took place.

Okay Daniel Adacavage – you’re a loser and I’m sure you would feel the same way if you were beat up and called racial slurs at the same time. Definitely would not be a hate crime, right?

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    • Maria

      It just shows how arrogant some people are these days. I hate that people let their kind just get away for a crime against another race. Just like in the 1800′s in the United States, a White person could attack an African American, and some people would cheer you on. It sickens me how low some people get.

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