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Shopping 101: The Rules of the Mall

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There is an unwritten code of shopping rules (they are practically laws) everyone knows, at least I thought everyone did. That is until last night when I went shopping with my boyfriend and discovered that not everyone was aware of this unspoken code. We were browsing the racks at Ross for his sister’s birthday present when after what felt like hours of searching I stumbled on this fantastic tee which of course I had to have.


I was already picturing rocking this tee with some jeans and Converse when in the midst of my day dream I heard my boyfriend say, “wow, that is a cool shirt, do you think she will like it?” Naturally, I spotted it first, said I loved it and claimed it for myself, but he couldn’t comprehend why I got dibs on the shirt. I had to explain to him that there are shopping guidelines in place and that the person who lays eyes on the merchandise first snags the piece (this rule applies whether there is one item or multiples of the same item). He seemed surprised almost astonished to learn this. I figure it’s because guys don’t shop together, but this may be a farfetched concept.

What do you think?

- Nathalie

Nathalie’s family is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and she is a first generation American residing in the city of Miami. She enjoys the beach, traveling and loves shopping  both at home and abroad.

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    • Ivy**

      totally understand first dibs if there is only one item…but i don’t particularly mind if my friend were to get the same item (in that sense i can understand ur bf’s confusion lol).

    • LMAO!! That’s sooo true cuz!!! Guys HAVE to know about this…
      I’m glad you blogging now!!

    • Nathalie Alberto

      Thanks Gisele & Ivy for your comments!

      I think that in order for your friend to get the same item you have to give them permission. There are exceptions to the rule for example if you live in a different city or maybe if it is a different color.

      I just saw Bride Wars this weekend and there is a scene when Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are shopping for bridal gowns and Anne’s character spots a gorgeous Vera Wang dress first. Kate loves it too! She is only able to get it because Anne’s character gives her permission. I was pleasantly surprised to see Hollywood support this theory, lol.

    • Adriana

      I totally agree with this. There’s NEVER an exception to this rule unless you live in different parts of the country. And even then, what would people on Facebook say if they see you and your friends wearing the same outfit?

    • Iveliesse

      I totally agree!!!!! You can see the silent laws of shopping with friends in action in the latest movie Bride Wars in where best friends spot a Vera Wang gown and the subject comes up…The only time my friends and I break this rule is IF the friends/ gift recipients live in different cities / countries and the item is not exclusive. Happy shopping!

    • Julie

      I knew I could count on you for shopping advice!
      Thank God you will be my dress for the wedding shopping buddy!

      Keep on blogging!


    • Sasha

      Agreed. Anyway, even IF he’d seen it first, you’re the girlfriend, which means you have not only the right to have first dibs on clothing for yourself all the time but also get to pick what to get the sister, DUH. lol. Oh and about getting the same thing as your friends, I think sometimes you and your friends are so alike or have the same fab taste in fashion that you end up getting the same things anyway, or similar atleast. Also, there are somethings like sweats, chanks, or tanks that you can get the same of,its not like the choices there are so broad ;)
      PS: I saw Bride Wars this weekend too!!!

    • Marilyn

      I have to completely agree with you; every girl knows this rule. Funny actually because it not only applies to clothes but also to guys… like we learned in Kindergarden “finders keepers…losers weepers”

    • Great article.Thanks Again. Awesome.