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Vamos El Super

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el-superIt’s opening day for our friends at El Super in Tuscon, Arizona. We’re in the middle of a recession, but Latinos still have to eat, and of course they have to our electronic gadgets so two major retail chains El Super, a Los Angeles-based grocer, and La Curacao, an electronics and appliance retailer that styles its stores to resemble Mayan and Aztec pyramids, are opening up, according to our friends at the Arizona Daily Star.  The electronics pyramid should open in August.

The supermarket’s opening is welcome news for Spanish-speaking consumers looking for Mexican products. Although they are bilingual, Juan and Margarita Cisneros said they feel more comfortable being assisted in Spanish.

“This is what we needed. We shop for groceries almost every day and it’s better if it is in Spanish,” Juan Cisneros said. “We interact better with Spanish-speaking employees at the store. It is part of our roots.”

For many, the store’s name is a household word. “El Super” in Spanish is a general phrase for supermarket, and Bodega Latina capitalized on that when selecting the name. That was smart.

What’s your favorite grocery store? Is it Wal-Mart? Don’t forget their love/HATE relationship with Latinos.

¡Entonces, vamos de Shopping!

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