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Rock Royalty – Gwen Stefani

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Last month, I spent the best $15 ever when I attended the No Doubt concert. I got to see Rock Royalty in the flesh. Style icon Gwen Stefani has been a trendsetter since the group first hit the scene in 1994.

The rock princess graces the cover of Elle Magazine’s July issue which hit stands on June 15th where she talks about being a mom, touring again with the band, life as a designer (L.A.M.B), model and song writer. She is a clear example of making fashion your own and creating a signature style and is “no doubt” one of my style icons.

Check out concert footage and be sure to let us know who your style icons are.

PS: After much adieu, I finally wore my Rock the Beat Tee J

ConcertConcert 2

- Nathalie

Nathalie’s family is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and she is a first generation American residing in the city of Miami. She enjoys the beach, traveling and loves shopping  both at home and abroad.

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