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The latest Chismes on Microsoft’s Retail Store Plans

The latest Chismes on Microsoft’s Retail Store Plans

So…for my first week on technology here at Dos Lives I thought it would be cool to talk about a leak/rumor that is going on en la calle. Dicen por ahi, that Microsoft is planning on opening some new retail stores to sell their new Windows 7, XBox’s and all the other products that have made the big Seattle company prosper so much in the last years. Seems to be that big screens and a bunch of colorful signs are going to be a big element at the stores too!!

El chisme tambien dice that all these stores are going to be somewhat similar to Apple stores, to the point that they will be displaying all their products in a similar manner, and even having a “Genius” bar, with a different name of course!! Word on the street is that Microsoft is even already looking for their “geniuses” at a couple of locations and they have plans to open the stores by fall.

I just hope they can launch on time, and that Windows 7 runs ok on all those computers at the stores…it would be really sad to see a bunch of computers rebooting or even worse…with the blue screen of death on the opening day!!!!

Let us know what you think these Microsoft stores are going to look like and if they are going to have similar success as Apple stores…

- Elio,

Elio is from Vina del Mar, Chile. He has been living in the U.S. for the last 7 years and loves playing racquetball, technology, and anything that has to do with it. He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and kid.

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    Elio reports on technology and social media for Dos Lives. Contact him at Elio[at]doslives[dot]com