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Thriller a la Mexicana

Thriller a la Mexicana

This past Saturday, about 50,000 people gathered around the Monument to the Revolution in Mexico City to pay tribute the king of pop and participated in the dance off called “Yo si bailo Thriller”.

Kids, teens, adults, entire families and even zombies said “I dance Thriller”, and just a little before 6 p.m. Saturday night, they showed their chilling moves (AFP video highlights below). Out of the 50 thousand, about 13 thousand dance the world-famous choreography of Thriller, notoriously surpassing the amount of people dancing in Barcelona, Spain (697 people) and London (1600 people).

So far, Guinness hasnt confirmed the record breaking win but organizers of this event hope to get the call any time this week.

The event in Mexico was organized through Facebook, where about 12, 000 people register to participate.

For the organizers, this event was proof of “passion, civility, enthusiasm, difficult to see in the entire planet” reports El Universal news paper.

The “Mañanitas”, a traditional song used on Mexican birthdates, was loudly orchestrated heard as well as part of this event.

Is this event too much? Are they true fans? Have you ever danced Thriller? I know I have.

- Daneil Carrillo,

Daniel lives in Mexico City and spends time on both sides of the border.

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    Daniel is our Mexico City-based editor and Dos Lives contributor. Contact him at Daniel[at]doslives[dot].com.
    • Rafael Arias

      One more time Mexicans show how many things we can achieve if we do a little effort, maybe its not such a big thing but this kind of events help to distract people from the wave of bad news that are heared every day in the news. It is a pure demonstration of respect and organization, the Guiness record is not the main thing of the event, but the work and responsability of the participants.

    • I admit i’ve danced to Thriller before. My fraternity even incorporated it into a stroll :).