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A City of Murals…A City of Change

A City of Murals…A City of Change

FINAL-DESIGN-mural1-717693Philadelphia is home to 3000+ murals.  The Mural Arts Program (MAP) in Philadelphia started out as a part of the Anti-Graffiti Network, an effort to eradicate the graffiti crisis plaguing the city. A decade later in 1996 it officially became what it is today, a program to help young men and women engage in art education and community public art collaborations, and to increase public access to art. These public works of art attract visitors from across the U.S. and improve our lives.

No matter what type of person you are, visitor or resident, you can appreciate the dedication of the artist and the community. ICredit Photo by R Kennedy for GPTMCt has been proven that art does change a person’s attitude…in and outside la casa. In El Centro de Oro, Philly’s Hispanic neighborhood, there are estimated 100 murals. Each mural is very distinct with a story of its own; from bomba y plena to social activism.  Every time I walk by a mural and see a quote with it, it makes me want to be not only a better person, but it also inspires me to be a part of the community.

This past summer the Mural Arts Program started the This We Believe project.  Through a series of neighborhood meetings and paint days, this initiative provided the opportunity for all Philadelphians to share in the creation of a work of public art. According to one of the artists, “Our goal was to portray nostalgia and memory along with the evolving nature of the people and neighborhoods.” The mural, created by artists Eric Okdeh, Michelle Ortiz and Kien Nguyen, will be unveiled on Friday, September 25th.

If you want more information, you can take your own tour or schedule one with the MAP.  For an interactive tour or to get specifics on each mural, visit their online interactive database.

- Eric

Originally from New Jersey but currently residing in Philadephia, Eric enjoys the variety of options he has to do during his free time. Colombiano, Latino Greek, Social media friendly, Tatted up, Working (gophila), Eric is an all-around guy who stays positive and enjoys the company of others.

Photos by R Kennedy for GPTMC.

Taller Puerto exterior2-R. Kennedy

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