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Ahora Pueden: Gays can now adopt children in Uruguay

Ahora Pueden: Gays can now adopt children in Uruguay

Gay, Urugay, same-sex adoptionUruguay approved same-sex civil unions in 2008 and now same-sex couples can adopt children in Uruguay, after the senate approved a bill modifying the adoption law this week.

“It is a right for the boys and the girls, not a right for the adults,” Sen. Margarita Percovich said after the vote on Wednesday in a CNN article. “It streamlines the adoption process and does not discriminate.”

According to Uruguay’s Canal 10, couples must have been together for a minimum of four years before being able to adopt.

Of course, the measure was not without opponents among religious organizations and conservatives.

Last month, Archbishop Nicolas Cotugno of Montevideo, released a statement warning of consequences for society should the law pass, the Catholic News Agency reported.

“The adoption of children by homosexual couples is not a question of religion, philosophy or sociology. It has to do with respect for human nature itself,” he said, according to CNA. “To accept the adoption of children by homosexual couples is to go against human nature itself, and consequently, it is to go against the fundamental rights of the human being as a person, according to the CNN article.

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    Jon Byington manages the editorial and business operations for Jon is also on Google +
    • Marco

      The concern with any adoption is that children are placed in a loving safe home. If the parents happen to be the same-sex so be it. The world is full of children currently living in horrible conditions and here is an opportunity to provide more loving safe environments. Let’s give children a better chance at a great life and start treating people like people. Who are we to be judging people based of who they chose to spend their life with.

    • Mike

      A loving, safe environment is the ideal for raising a child. But that is not all that makes a situation ideal. Although it is now politically incorrect to point it out, there are psychosocial reasons for providing a child one parent of each sex allowing him or her to have the best chance of growing into an emotionally health adult. Of course having two dads or two moms may not disrupt normal development and it would be better than an abusive home, but in addition to the developmental hurdle, same-sex parents have all the same potential problems hetero couples can have.

    • Marco

      I have three adopted siblings and I was old enough to understand where they were coming from. One thing I think no one should argue is that there are more children in need of a safe loving environment than there are people willing to adopt them. I also would want to see data about negative side effects of same sex couples on adopted children before we make statements about how it may harm a child’s development. Last I think many of the problems people have with same sex couples is that all they know is what they see on TV. TV… not a good source for forming opinions about groups of people.