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Where do Latinos connect with the éne-bé-a (NBA) Online?

Where do Latinos connect with the éne-bé-a (NBA) Online?

NBA EspanolThe NBA has announced a new season-long campaign targeting Hispanics on both Spanish and English-language media.  As I was taking a look at the new Spanish-language section of the  NBA Web site (, I noticed they are connecting with Latinos on several social networking sites including QuePasa, Facebook and MySpace. I was curious. Where do they have the most fans?  Well, the top result probably doesn’t surprise anyone; it’s Facebook with over 200,000 fans and the majority of the comments are in Spanish.

Do you remember the last time you checked your MySpace account? What about your QuePasa account? Do you even have a QuePasa account to check? Well,QuePasa has MySpace beat at least with regards to NBA fans.

The NBA could step it up on their Twitter channel with only 112 followers in three months. How do you connect with the NBA online? Do you connect in English, Spanish or both?  Leave a comment and let us know.


First update: November 10, 2008

Total Fans:207,883

Total Fans: 489


Total Fans: 427


First Tweet: July 21st

112 followers and is following 20

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