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Mexicans asking: What happened to Paulette?

Mexicans asking: What happened to Paulette?

pauletteThe murder case of the little girl Paulette in Mexico has, without any question, caught the attention around the world and as a Mexican I’m ashamed of the reasons why it has become so important.

The four-year-old handicapped little girl went missing from her house, an exclusive area of Mexico City called Interlomas, on the 21st of March, her parents, taking advantage of their means, launched a massive campaign that included billboards, Facebook and Twitter pages to ask people’s help in finding her. The situation got a little complicated when the police started to review the apartments surveillance tapes and didn’t find anything odd, nobody around the complex saw or heard anything, the mother, the father, the security guards and even the nannies claimed not to know anything.

The house became the scene of the crime and a few days later, on March the 30th, the police (or someone) found the body of the little girl in an awkward position between the edge of the mattress and the frame of the bed, wrapped in a blanket.
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The media started to cover the events of this family and follow the investigations of the local authorities. As the case became more complex, the federal investigation authorities took the case and now, this is where it starts getting shameful, they even asked the FBI help to resolve it.

I must admit that at the beginning I thought the case was just another of the thousands of cases of children that go missing and I was outraged on how the media, and then later on the federal authorities, were paying close attention to this particular case, Was it because the family has money? Were they bought?

Just a week before I had read about a 1-year-old child in Guadalajara who was mercilessly murdered by his stepfather and then hidden in a river bank, the stepfather reported him missing and later on confessed the killing. The situation was in the local news but never got to the national headlines, so what made Paulette’s case different? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want this happen to any children nor I want diminish the importance of the little girl.

Well, though I still don’t understand why the media and the federal police followed the situation almost since the beginning, now I’m glad they did, but at the same time embarrassed of the results (not complete yet) the whole case has thrown at all the Mexican citizens’ faces.

Why is it shameful?

This case has only proven what all the Mexican society has always complained about; it exposed the lack (or total null) of responsibility, the incompetence and incapability of our government and police to take care of the citizens. Not only they failed in finding the body on time, not only the took too much time to search the house, and not only they still haven’t figured out what happened and who or what killed Paulette, not even the dogs could find the body. Now they have turned to international help, such as the FBI, because they just don’t have the knowledge and training to succeed.

Investigations haven’t ended yet and so far authorities have said that mechanical asphyxiation might’ve killed the child but somehow they keep pointing to the mother as the main suspect, even close friends have accused her and professional tests have shown that she has some sort of personality disorder.

Everyone is confused, other important matters such as violence, killings and earthquakes have become second on people’s minds as they all want to know what happened to the little girl. Was it really the mother? Was it just an accident? Was it the father? The nannies even?

Community and I are outraged! People have even asked for some of the local authorities to resign. It is unbelievable the level of incompetence authorities have shown. And it is incredible the level of yet more disappointment they have created among the community.

Daniel Carillo is a Mexico City-based contributor for Dos Lives. E-mail him at

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    Daniel is our Mexico City-based editor and Dos Lives contributor. Contact him at Daniel[at]doslives[dot].com.
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