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The difference between Hispanic & general-market consumers

The difference between Hispanic & general-market consumers

Joe UvaAccording to Joe Uva, CEO of Univision:

Cultural differences as well as different languages. There are some immutable truths that cross the culture. One is that Hispanics are aspirational; they really value family and rely on word-of-mouth references, especially those of family and friends.

One category illustration: When a non-Hispanic is making a purchase decision for a car, many consumers will research it online and will have a fairly good idea of what they want when they walk into the dealership, and they may want to negotiate price. But it’s usually the head of household, one parent who’s going with the child to the dealership. For Hispanics, it’s a family affair. They want to ask a lot of questions and see the variety, and touch and sit in the car. It’s a celebration; it’s a different experience.

Do you agree? You can check out the complete interview including Joe’s thoughts on Univision and mobile and the impact of the Census.

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