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When Fox News Launches website for Latinos…will you visit?

When Fox News Launches website for Latinos…will you visit?

Fox News Latino, Lation Fox News, Latino website Fox NewsFox News plans to launch a website this fall aimed at Latinos, but what we want to know is if any Latinos will visit a website backed by Fox News and all of their conservative commentators?

Well, yes according to Fox News’ senior vice president of news editorial, Michael Clemente. “I don’t think there’ll be conflict,” he said in a Reuters article. “We will do what we always do on the news side which is to be very fair and balanced on all sides of the issue in our reporting.”

The new website will be new competition for CNN’s Spanish-language offerings though FOX News says it has no plans to launch an additional Latino-focused channel. The website will provide original news in both Spanish and English and feature stories focused on the Latino community with reports from the U.S. and additional regions including Latin America.

Will you visit the website? Where did you get your news today?

You can read the complete release below from Business Insider:

FOX News Channel (FNC) will launch a Latino centric website this Fall, announced Michael Clemente, Senior Vice President of News Editorial for the network. The website known as “FOX News Latino” ( will feature the latest breaking news, politics, economic and lifestyle stories that impact the Latino community. FNC will provide an independent website with original content focused exclusively on the Latino community and El Seuno Americano.

In making the announcement, Clemente said, “The launch of FOX News Latino creates an unprecedented opportunity to expand our reach by engaging a new audience and providing a unique platform on which web users can access compelling content focused on the Latino community and the American dream.”

FOX News Latino will showcase videos and content in both Spanish and English. The new website will include reports from the United States in addition to those filed in Central America, South America, the West Indies and beyond. In addition, special content from will be featured on’s “Strategy Room,” the only live political, entertainment, lifestyle talk show streamed weekdays on the Web from 9AM to 6PM ET. video and content will also be available on FOX News Mobile.

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