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Can an Independent win in Florida?

Can an Independent win in Florida?

There is no doubt that this year’s elections may change the political landscape of America. Given the current political context where bipartisan politics are dividing, many candidates have taken on and rallied around some of the most critical issues that affect this country. In certain races a candidate’s position on abortion, immigration and gay marriage appear to do the trick.
While there is no doubt that the outcome of the 2009 presidential election showed a needed change of direction and arguably reflected the will of a more tolerant electorate, many of this year’s races tend to go back to some of the core beliefs that represent either party. This is not the case for Florida Governor Charlie Crist, who left the Republican Party to run against Democratic Kendrick Meek and GOP-backed Marco Rubio in the race for a senate seat.

Currently facing lawsuits to refund donations provided by Republican donors, Governor Crist continues to portray himself as less devise and more practical when approaching the issues above. He has not only endorsed gay-rights in the Sunshine State, but also suggested that immigration reform could benefit social security. Although Crist was once backed by the right wingers, it looks like this year’s support is coming from the middle.

Everyone would agree that a candidate to the U.S. Senate should openly discuss and provide his or her take on a variety of issues. There is no doubt, however, that very few do so as this can negatively affect their candidacy. Those who include sensitive issues on their discourse do it at the risk of losing or looking “too progressive.” Is being at the center a political liability? How do you think such important issues can shape an election? Don’t forget to share your thoughts

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    Washington D.C.-based Julio is a former co-host of The DL Podcast and is a Dos Lives contributor. Contact him at Julio[at]doslives[dot]com.