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Bus Driver: Stop speaking Spanish or go to the back of the Bus

Bus Driver: Stop speaking Spanish or go to the back of the Bus

A Northern California college student says she and another woman were asked to move to the back of a college bus by the driver who said he didn’t want to listen to them speak Spanish. That’s right, shut up or move to the back of the bus.

Shasta College officials Friday said they are investigating the allegation.

The student, Marybel Torres, 27, of Los Molinos was taking a trip from Red Bluff, California to Fresno on October 29th as part of a school-sponsored Puente program, which tries to get students to attend four-year universities. Like Torres, most of the students in the program are Hispanic, she said.

“He said, ‘Do you girls mind? If you want to continue speaking Spanish would you mind going to the back of the bus?’” Torres said.

“I was just speechless. He laughed and said to the teachers, ‘No offense, no offense.’ I couldn’t believe that this person could ask me to do something in this way,” Torres said.

What did Marybel and her friend do? What would you do?

She said that she and the other woman, who also is Hispanic, did not get up and move from their seats. She said she was sitting two seats behind the bus driver, who said he was distracted. She did not speak again during the ride from Merced to Fresno, she said.

Torres said she filed a written formal complaint with school officials. She said she felt school officials were not taking the incident seriously.

College President Gary Lewis said Friday he was concerned that the bus driver appeared to be discriminating against the women because they were either Hispanic or speaking Spanish.

“We take that extremely seriously,” Lewis said.

Source: Redding Record Searchlight

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    • erre erreerer

      You invaded our country and speak a foreign language, and are surprised that Americans don’t want to hear the language of the invader? In the past, immigrants from all over the world dropped the old language and spoke the American language, like everybody else. They didn’t keep on speaking Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, or even Spanish. People in the past were assimilators, not invaders, because they honored the existing national identity. If you come here and try to destroy our identity, you are an invader.

    • John

      Good now they need to pass a law where if you speak spanish in public you get fined

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