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NYC to welcome WAL-MART?

NYC to welcome WAL-MART?

After two failed attempts, Wal-Mart is attempting to enter NYC once again. There was much opposition in their past attempts due to their bad reputation and controversy in terms of how they affect mom and pop shops, and their unfair treatment towards their employees. Things are different this time around, Wal-Mart has a chance of getting a go from the city council as the unemplyment rate is high, and people are desperately looking for the best ways to save. A major concern is how it will force the surrounding small businesses out of business as they will not be able to compete, but one can argue that other similiar giants like Target and Costco have had the opportunity to enter the NYC market. Jobs will definitely be created, but are Wal-Mart’s conditions good enough to be accepted by New Yorkers? Should the council look at this as a beacon of hope, or the start of a whole new set of problems? Let us know what you think and where you live.

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