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Peru Tweaks Gloomy National Anthem

Peru Tweaks Gloomy National Anthem

Did you know that the Peruvian National Anthem has gotten a make-over to make it more positive and upbeat. There’s lots of opinions on the National Anthem, but Peru isn’t the only country with a national anthem debate.  Our friends at the Wall Street Journal have this video report from Lima:

Check out the original first verse and what has replaced it by clicking on the link below:

Former first verse:

For a long time the oppressed Peruvian
Dragged the ominous chain;
Condemned to cruel servitude
He moaned for a long time in silence.
But as soon as the sacred cry of
“Freedom!” was heard on the coasts,
He shook off the indolence of slavery,
He raised his humiliated neck.

New first verse, former sixth verse:

On its summit may the Andes hold
The two-colored flag or standard,
May it announce to the centuries the struggle
That set us free forever.
Under its shadow may we live peacefully
And, as the sun is born over its peaks,
Let us renew the great oath
We rendered to the God of Jacob.

Full-text article:

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