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Chicharito Responds to Top Gear Controversy

Chicharito Responds to Top Gear Controversy

After all the controversy genarated by last Sunday’s program “Top Gear” for the BBC programs “jokes and criticisms” against Mexico,  Javier Hernandez, a Mexican icon living in England, has intervened in the matter with a campaign against the derogatory jokes shared in the program which included describing Mexicans as lazy, fat and making fun of Mexico food.

In a response to the Top Gear program, Chicharito appears in a picture (upper left) posing with his sarcastic smile and the caption:” Yes, imagine waking up and remember that you are Mexican, while the bottom says: Less prejudice. More exercise.

The Powerade campaign has the intention to make public the discontent of Mexico’s most important player at this time and whose fame has spread throughout the world.

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