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“Superman” producer missing in Mexico City

“Superman” producer missing in Mexico City

63-year-old Ilya Salkind, the man who brought “Superman” to the big screen in 1978, is in need of the Man of Steel right now, because he has gone missing in Mexico City, according to his friends and family. He was least heard from on Sunday, when he spoke to friends and business partners in L.A.

Salkind, who was born in Mexico City, had apparently traveled to Mexico to deal with a property he inherited when his mother passed away a few years ago, TMZ reported.

It’s not known what he might be wearing, other than his black clogs

His friends and family have created a website to help find him

Salkind and his father Alexander purchased the film rights to Superman from DC Comics in 1974. They produced “Superman” and “Superman II” simultaneously, just as they had done earlier with “The Three Musketeers” and “The Four Musketeers.”

Source: TMZ, KLTA

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