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Survey: Immigration is a problem in Idaho

Survey: Immigration is a problem in Idaho

A new survey shows that 67 percent of the Idaho residents surveyed believe that Immigration is a problem in the Gem State. The Boise State University survey also shows that 58 percent of residents believe Idaho should pass a law concerning illegal immigrants similar to the law Arizona passed recently. At the same time 73 percent believe a program should be created that would allow illegal immigrants to stay in the country permanently. Do these results seem to conflict?

We reached out to Boise State University professor Greg Hill, who helped author the study, and he shared the following possible explanations:

“When presented with two options, albeit opposite policy options, respondents affirmed. This could suggest that respondents are simply looking for policymakers to address what they perceive to be a problem, according to Hill.

He continued, “Another potential explanation could be that at the philosophical level, people are fundamentally opposed to illegal immigration (as the Arizona law question might suggest), but at the practical level, respondents see the utility in having the undocumented workforce as an integral part of the economy.”

What are your thoughts regarding the results?

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