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We need to “Empty the Clip” on Illegal Immigraiton – Alabama State Senator

We need to “Empty the Clip” on Illegal Immigraiton – Alabama State Senator

An Alabama State Senator is in damage control mode after remarks he made about illegal immigration have caused a controversy.

On the subject of illegal immigration, State Senator Scott Beason is quoted as saying “empty the clip and do what has to be done”.

The senator says the phrase is actually the end of a joke he had begun earlier in his speech. He says he was trying to say the state needs to use everything at its disposal to solve the immigration problem. His office has been flooded with phone calls since and some have demanded an apology, but Beason said he was not urging violence against immigrants, but using an analogy.

“I did say that but it was completely taken out of context,” said the Gardendale Republican. “Look, I’ll take my beatings when I mess up. But no way was I urging anyone to do harm to Hispanics or illegal immigrants. I would never do that.”

The comment was made at the close of a Cullman County Republican Party breakfast. Beason said it did follow a series of comments he made about illegal immigration and how, with the GOP now in the majority in the Legislature, he hoped Alabama would move to toughen laws on illegal immigration.

“Frankly, (I) didn’t think about what happened in Arizona but I wish I had.” Beason said. “I think it was maybe the wrong example to use, but honestly I didn’t call for violence to solve political problems.”

Sources: CBS 42 and Alabama Live.

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