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What are Rep. Phil Gingrey’s (R-Ga.) ‘Favorite Things’?

What are Rep. Phil Gingrey’s (R-Ga.) ‘Favorite Things’?

We know Oprah’s favorite things, but do you know Phil’s?

Rep. Phil Gingrey’s (R-Ga.) has declared his favorite “aliens” are the ones coming south of the border. Try giving one to every member of Oprah’s studio audience. I wonder how they’d react?

“It’s not xenophobia on my part. If I had to choose from immigrants across the globe, my favorite alien would be our Hispanic and Latino residents coming from across the Southern border,” Rep. Gingrey said during a tour of the border.

Gingrey organized a congressional delegation to the U.S. border. He and a Republican contingency including Steve Pearce (R-NM), Ed Royce (R-Calif.), and Steve King (R-IA) toured four towns dotted along the Southern border, traveling from El Paso, Tex., through New Mexico and west into Arizona.

“I would say today the border is more secure than it was in 2006,” Rep. Gingrey said. “But some of the ones that are coming across now are in drug cartels, they’re preying on illegal immigrants, they’re dangerous. Our Border Patrol has to be more vigilant for their own safety.”

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