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“La Reina del Sur” and Kate Del Castillo

“La Reina del Sur” and Kate Del Castillo

It is hard to believe that a soap opera that airs at 10:00PM has had phenomenal record breaking ratings. The soap opera responsible is “La Reina del Sur” a Spanish-language soap opera that airs on Telemundo. On occasions it has ranked #1 across all broadcast networks. This is due to it’s out of the box luring story-line that follows the transformation of a small town girl into a cocaine queen, determined to avenge the death of her lover. Kate Del Castillo, a Mexican actress takes the lead role as “Teresa Mendoza” and she calls this a once in a lifetime character. Kate had abandoned telenovelas 10 years ago for Hollywood, and came back on board for this role.

Whether your into romance, action, or suspense this novela has it all and it is no wonder it has caught the attention of all no matter what gender or age. Do not let your kids watch, as it does involve drug cartels and inappropriate material that is not suitable for them. If you haven’t been charmed by “La Mejicana” the nickname given to her by the spaniards in the novela, then your missing out on a great addiction.

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