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True Dallasites hire Day Laborers?

True Dallasites hire Day Laborers?

The April Edition of D Magazine lists 52 things every true Dallasite should do. One of them is to hire a day laborer and it’s already received 218 Facebook likes. Really though, hire a day laborer?

The following is part of the section: “Good, cheap labor is a short drive away on Carroll Avenue, between Ross and San Jacinto. Look for the vacant lot with mustachioed men sitting on stumps by the cyclone fence of wind-trapped Funyuns bags. Arrive early in the morning for the best workers. Negotiate rates up front and be prepared to pay $10–$14 an hour. A few years ago, we offered $7 an hour and dudes scattered as if our vehicle read “INS.” Give them clear instructions, buy them lunch, and keep them in water. If a guy is a loafer, pay him, take him back to the lot, and pick up another one. Sounds cruel, but in this job market it’s survival of the fittest.”

Day Laborers are a fact of life across the United States, but could there be something else that makes a true Dallasite besides hiring a day laborer. What would you replace it with?

Source: D Magazine

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