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Baylor College Video Mocks Latinos, low-income Ben Taub Hospital patients

Baylor College Video Mocks Latinos, low-income Ben Taub Hospital patients

Medical students at Baylor University produced a paraody of Beyonce’s  “All the Single Ladies,” but the video has produced outrage among people who say it mocks Latinos and low-income residents who use a county-run hospital in Houston. The video, shot in 2009, was apparently made during a Baylor Halloween event. The YouTube account was deleted Tuesday night, but we have a copy of the video below called “All the Ben Taub Patients.”  In the video, Baylor students refer to Latinos under the influence and lack of insurance “You can’t get mad at me…If you don’t like it you should’ve got insurance.”

Lyrics of the video are below the fold. Baylor University officials are investigating. Are you offended by the video or think it’s just med students having fun?

Video Insults Poor, Hispanic Patients:

En espanol, tiene dolor?/

Hope I understand what you say …

But when you flipped, my left hand slipped/

You can’t get mad at me/

If you don’t like it you should’ve got insurance/

Crashed your car while under the influence …

Mom’s a teen/

Third kid at 18/

Baby slip, you can’t get mad at me …

Your healthcare is provided by med students/

It’s okay if you ain’t got insurance/

Across the street you may not stand a chance/

But Baylor’s got some damn good med students…

More from MyFoxHouston.

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    • Anonymous

      I think it is funny, and the girls are beautiful. My goodness, the video was in 2009. Can’t people find something else to gripe about? The words were pretty true in the song. This type thing goes on all the time. As a matter of fact, I have seen and heard Mexicans making fun of whites who are paying for their welfare, paying for their children’s education, paying for their healthcare, paying for their incarceration and suffering from their crimes. People who are taking so many freebees from our country and giving so little in return should not be insulted by a little song.

    • MC0190994

      I’m suprised that the Baylor Med students aren’t hispanic themselves. I didn’t get into medical school at UT Galveston because I didn’t speak Spanish….

    • Anonymous

      This is just stupid. I know several med students at BCM now and have been to several of their events. A large portion of the class is Hispanic/Latino and I have never heard any of them talking trash about Ben Taub – in fact, when I asked them where they would go if they needed to be hospitalized they said “The Taub” without any hesitation. This video was clearly not intended to make fun of anyone.

    • It is hilarious to me that Americans always blame the victims …health care is of course a human right …also, if you can’t sing in tune, don’t sing at all!