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Sears Facebook page fans: Latin Lovers or Haters?

Sears Facebook page fans: Latin Lovers or Haters?

An update on the Sears Facebook page upset some fans Thursday when Sears invited fans to check out their Spanish-language website.

Original Sears Status Update:

Thanks to the Social Media Spanish blog for highlighting how is reaching out to Hispanic and international customers. We are excited to bring to entirely new customers! Check out our Spanish-language website here:

The first several of the 33 comments were negative including “no spanish here in USA,” and “I want a dislike button on this one. I agree with the comments above. I HOPE those illegals buy your crap I’m now boycotting Sears and it’s subsidaries”

One women named Kim Gonzales commented in favor of Sears and another commenter later asked if she was in the United States legally.

There were several positive comments though in favor of Sears.

In 2009, Best Buy asked their fans what they thought about a in Spanish which generated hundreds of negative responses and was later removed.

33 comments out of 476,108 fans isn’t that many, but do you think Sears should still respond?

You can check out the page here: and the specific update here:

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