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Florida Cop Robs Latino Men

Florida Cop Robs Latino Men

A Lantana Florida police officer is accused of stopping Latino men as they left check cashing stores, taking their wallets and then returning them, minus some of the cash they’d just gotten. Police Officer Mark Ott, 35, was arrested Thursday on three counts of robbery.

The robberies occurred while Ott was on the job, in uniform and driving his patrol car.

According to the probable cause document, a landscaper tipped off the FBI in March that some of his employees kept complaining about Ott. The FBI and the state attorneys office eventually conducted a sting, posing as Hispanics driving a pickup, with a handmade license plate, according to affiliate WBPF.

According to prosecutors, Ott stopped the undercover officers, took their cash, and then returned it, missing $150.00. Agents had photocopied the money’s serial numbers, and say when they arrested Ott, they found matching serial numbers on cash in his police vest.

Read more including the stack of reprimands and internal affairs investigations targeting Ott.

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