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Bori-QUE? John Leguizamo’s dad: John isn’t Puerto Rican!

Bori-QUE? John Leguizamo’s dad: John isn’t Puerto Rican!

Update: John Leguizamo retains Puerto Rican Day Parade Ambassadorship. A spokesman for the National Puerto Rican Day Parade said he would not be stripped of his ambassadorship because the parade has a history of “inclusion and diversity,” Fox News Latino has confirmed.

John Leguizamo is not Puerto Rican, according to his own father in a bombshell interview published in today’s El Diaro Newspaper. Often thought to be the son of a Colombian mother and Puerto Rican father, his Dad is setting the record straight.

“My intention is to clear up this situation with my son John,” John Leguizamo’s father, said in the interview. “We are not Puerto Rican. I was born in Colombia and don’t have any family in Puerto Rico.”

The comedian who has become known largely through his Borica identity was named Global Ambassador to the Arts for Sunday’s Puerto Rican Parade.

Asked why he was coming forth now, he said, “I thought John had laid this to rest. I spoke to him about this two years ago and he said he was going to do it.”

“It hurts me that [John] lies to the Puerto Ricans and doesn’t stand behind his Colombian roots,” he added.

At the ceremony where he was named Global Ambassador, he said about the parade: “I will be there with my family … celebrating and being proud of who we are.”

Asked to comment, Blanca Lasalle, Leguizamo’s representative, told El Diario, “The only one who can respond properly is John.”

His Broadway Show, “Ghetto Klown” runs through July 10th.

Source: El Diario

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    Jon Byington manages the editorial and business operations for Jon is also on Google +
    • Tony “The Marine” Santiago

      If John Leguizamo does not respond with a satisfactory answer in regard to his father’s accusations then we can assume that he is nothing but a liar and a fake. He should be proud of his roots and shouldn’t have denied what he is. If he is not half Puerto Rican, then he should be man enough to return the Puerto Rican Day Parade Ambassadorship, which he was awarded as a consequence of his lies.

    • Bam

      ha ha that’s punny: “dos lives” for john leguizamo, all right. it’s just an embaressment that he claims puerto rican when he’s 100% colombian! even his parents are sick of him lying. what a fake and a phony. stop being such a self-hater, john!

    • Hey, If he hates his heritage so much, well, that’s his issue. For being such a proud Boriqua, he must’ve married one….Oh, but no, he married a fucking Jew, well ain’t that a bitch. Talk about being fake. Why would his own dad lie about it? He’s got no incentive in doing so.

    • Im thankful for the article post.Really thank you! Much obliged.

    • This is one awesome blog article.