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Meet Bachata Artist El “Romanze”; Exclusive Q&A

Meet Bachata Artist El “Romanze”; Exclusive Q&A

Juan Jose Lopez, better known as “Romanze” born in NYC is one of Bachata’s next in line to conquer the airwaves and touch the lives of people through his music. He began singing at a very young age in schools, church, and family gatherings, this lead one of his close friends to suggest that he take his hobby more seriously. This was the beginning of a long road ahead to a Bachata artist that we will all get to know real soon. He identifies himself with the Dominican culture that his parents have instilled upon him, this lead him to embrace the Bachata music genre, which has become a worldwide success thanks to pioneers like Aventura & Prince Royce.

Romanze took the time off his busy schedule to answer a few questions from DosLives:

DosLives: How has social media helped you to connect with your fans?

Romanze: Social Media has really made it easy to be in direct contact with all my fans and helps me spread my music.

DosLives: Who is your greatest inspiration?

Romanze: I was inspired to do what I do by a wide variety of Artists like Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Camila, Juan Luis Guerra, and Luis Fonsi. I love and listen to a great variety of music.

So there you have it, not only is he in direct contact with his fans through social media, but he is also musically inspired by Artists that we all listen to in our daily lives. We encourage you to follow him on his humble beginnings as a developing artist. Request his songs on your local radio stations and don’t forget to follow him on twitter (@MissionRomanze) and hit the like button on his facebook fan page ( Check out how he is preparing to conquistar sus corazones

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